Can a guest appearance on Letterman be far behind?

November 27th, 2006

What’s better than getting Slashdotted? What’s better than installing Linux on an iPod? What’s better than a Star Trek marathon followed by a Doctor Who marathon? Nothing, except possibly being named to a ten sexiest geeks list (even if that honor has to be shared with a guy named Dwight):

Dwight Silverman AND Jim Thompson @ the Houston Chronicle’s Tech Blog
This dynamic duo blog about all things tech-related in a manner that keeps folks like me constantly returning for more. Their mutual writing styles are perfectly balanced in a world of nanosecond reading. (Does that make sense?) Even though I know full well that Dwight leans heavily toward the Windows world, it’s fun to follow his tapdancing when it comes to Apple products. When he writes about Apple, I see Dwight’s grimaced face in my mind, his hands gripped tightly around a sledgehammer, just about in full swing and headed toward an Apple desktop. ;-) I easily overlook these things since Dwight sent me my very own Propeller Beanie Cap a long, long time ago. (yay me!) And Jim? Jim’s cool. He’s smart enough to know that you don’t wear socks with Topsiders. ;-) Of course I could go on and on about these two, but then it wouldn’t be fair to all the other geeks.

Thanks, Cindy! (Your check is in the mail . . . )

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