Sue’s been up to some mischief

November 27th, 2006

From the article Thieves show strange Christmas spirit:

MILWAUKEE — They were only spreading Christmas cheer, might be the thieves’ excuse.

But a Sheboygan homeowner didn’t see it that way when he awoke Friday morning to a yard full of holiday decorations stolen from around Sheboygan County.

Dan Bogenschuetz, 49, said his fiancee noticed about 30 neatly arranged reindeer, Christmas trees and other decorations outside his home about 60 miles north of Milwaukee.

“The funny thing is I probably could have won some contest for having all these decorations,” Bogenschuetz said.

He said they noticed the display when his daughter stopped over to drop off his grandson.

They first thought it was a joke because he hosted the family’s Thanksgiving dinner Thursday night. But no family members came forward.

Police Lt. Tim Eirich said the thieves stole only a few items from each yard. Items have already been returned to about four homes.

Police made no arrests and had no suspects as of Friday, Eirich said.

2 Responses to “Sue’s been up to some mischief”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    Now we know what Sue’s been up to (instead of blogging, that is)!

  2. Sue Says:

    I’m too lazy to commit crimes. I’d need someone like Leigh Ann to organize everything for me.