Paul Finebaum finally makes sense

December 5th, 2006

In today’s Press-Register, Paul Finebaum takes a break from being a Bama sycophant to write Michigan deserved what it got:

Cry me a river for the Michigan Wolverines. Send me the time and place for their pity party and I’ll be there in tux and tails — all black in honor of their state of mourning. Let’s all kick and scream and threaten to secede from the Union or the BCS because the Wolverines were snubbed.

. . .

Some Big Ten zealots say Michigan would have gone undefeated in the SEC. Think again. Try a few road trips like the Swamp or Auburn, Deaf Valley or Fayetteville or Knoxville. Little tougher than Purdue and Northwestern.

. . .

After a grueling schedule, which included a season ender against rival FSU (on the road), [Florida] had to beat Arkansas in its 13th game of the season. Meanwhile, UM was at home, chomping on popcorn.

. . .

Auburn deserved sympathy two years ago. It went undefeated. It was simply dominating. Florida isn’t in the league of the 2004 Auburn team. The loss at Auburn hurt Florida in October but the Gators bounced back.

Emphasis added.

The bottom line is, regardless of what happened to USC or Florida, Michigan didn’t deserve to make the BCS title game. They had their shot at Ohio State and don’t deserve another, I don’t care how good they’re supposed to be.

What we really need to do is to junk the BCS and institute some kind of playoff. The entry conditions to the playoff (or the BCS for that matter), in addition to a high ranking, should be this: you must win your conference. Let me say that again: YOU. MUST. WIN. YOUR. CONFERENCE. That would eliminate questions over teams like Michigan. Put it another way: the conference championships are the first round of the playoff. Furthermore, preference should be given to teams that decide their championship on the field, like the SEC, ACC, and Big 12.

(That leaves the question of what to do about Notre Dame. Frankly, I don’t give a hoot about ND, and would be happy to leave them out of the equation until they join a conference. But no championship tournament can be considered realistic without them, so we’ll rig some way to allow them to enter: for example if they’re undefeated and ranked in the top four in the country.)

But we have what we have, so we have to put up with it. Except for Michigan. Like PF, I don’t want to hear any whining coming from that state. I don’t remember getting much sympathy from Michigan when Auburn got locked out in ‘04, so they get none from me. Besides, Michigan got something this year my Tigers never got in ‘04: a chance to beat number one. And they’re crying about not getting a second chance? I just don’t want to hear it. I’ll take a one-loss Florida over a one-loss Michigan any day.

(And don’t forget who Florida’s one loss was.)

One Response to “Paul Finebaum finally makes sense”

  1. Jerry Mahone Says:

    I agree. Michigan had a shot, was close, and lost. All the wining about being a different story on a neutral field is ridiculous. They obviously were competitive, so I do not think a neutral field would matter at all. It would be a close game, most likely. Michigan might win in that situation. Maybe not.

    I for one did not want to see a rematch, especially a month after the first game. If they had met in the first week, a rematch might seem more compelling. Otherwise, it’s lose/lose for OSU. If they lose the game, they lose the National Championship. If they win, it’s ho-hum, you-better-have-won-again-if-you’re-Number-1. Michigan, on the other hand, gets an undeserved second chance.

    I think FSU and either Miami or Florida had rematches in bowl games over the years, and I just thought, “What’s the point?”

    Personally, Tech has WVU, and Navy has BC. I think that these are great games against pretty good teams, so I will be rooting for the navy, white, and old gold twice this bowl season. I’m just disappointed that Tech ended the year on a double-downer (University (sic) of Georgia and Wake Forest).

    Here’s my wish for next year: 1) That Calvin Johnson stays for his Senior year, and 2) that our next quarterback doesn’t get chokey late in close games and learns to throw to Calvin early and often.

    Good luck to the Tigers.