A weasel at Home Depot

December 18th, 2006

Read John Wagner’s story about the unbelievable treatment he and his wife received at a Houston-area Home Depot. I have never hit anybody in anger, but if I heard somebody say something like that about my wife, I would be hard pressed not to punch the guy in the nose. I hope I would be able to hang onto my temper like John did and pursue more meaningful avenues of redress — like my blog and a few phone calls to the company’s corporate headquarters. What I find most amazing about the Home Depot manager in question is not so much the insult, although it was unforgivably ugly, but his cowardly behavior when caught. If you’re going to say things like that, you should be man enough to own up to your behavior, and to apologize for hurting somebody. If you can’t trust Fred at Home Depot to take responsibility for his own words, do you think you can trust him when an issue arises that involves money? I would go out of my way to avoid doing business with people like that.

On the other hand, I’m not going to boycott my local Home Depot here in Pearland because of what happened to John in Missouri City. What’s more likely to make me think twice about shopping at Home Depot — and I spend a lot of money on tools and supplies — is this kind of story: Home Depot has a poor customer service record across the board. But the people at my local Home Depot have always treated me well, and there is one clerk there who is especially friendly and helpful. As long as they continue to treat me well, they’ll have my business, but I’ll be keeping my eyes — and my ears — on them.

I’ll also be keeping my eyes on John’s Blog for followups like this one to see if and how Home Depot handles this incident. The situation is unbelievable, just unbelievable…

4 Responses to “A weasel at Home Depot”

  1. John Wagner Says:


    I think my main reaction at what happened was one more of shock than anger … though I was plenty mad by the time I got home.

    The worst part of all this is that my wife is a very reasonable person and not someone who expects something for nothing. If the manager Fred had simply explained that the sign was up by mistake she would have accepted his explanation and been done with the whole thing. His slur — and it was indeed an ugly slur — was completely uncalled for, especially for someone who claimed to be the acting manager on duty.

  2. Jim Says:

    Yeah, it’s shocking all right. I’ve been shaking my head all afternoon. I hope you get some kind of apology, although, like justice, apologies delayed are apologies denied.

  3. Ginger Says:

    That’s… bad. Lowe’s it is.

  4. Gordon Says:

    Right on bro. Good reporting job. Their web site sucks also. I had an occasion to look for something yesterday and it would not load with Mozilla, I then tried FireFox and MS Exlporer with no luck. Then I was wondering if it was me or the web site, so I downloaded a couple of other browsers with and had no sucess. Apparently these dudes have a death wish as far as staying in business goes. It a good thing that guy did not say that to my lovely and ferocious wife. She would have knocked the sob into the next county. I have actually seen her do it before!