Dad and Chris in the air

December 29th, 2006

They’ve crossed the Mississippi River into Louisiana:


Looks like they’re flying into bad weather. We’re going to keep an eye on their flight status before we leave for the airport to pick them up.

Update, 6:44 PM: They’re flying around the weather:

SWA 1758 BHM to HOU take 2

The web site estimates that they’ll arrive 10 minutes early. We will have to leave for the airport sooner than expected.

Update, 7:00 PM: They’re over Texas now, but in dodging those storms, they’re losing the time they made up earlier:


Update: They landed about ten minutes late. We got back home, ate some chili, and watched a little football — Maryland vs Purdue, *yawn*. Dad’s now getting ready for bed and I’ve set up Chris with my network WEP key. I’m about to go to bed myself.

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  1. LeLe Says:

    And? And??? WHERE are they????