Back to work…

January 2nd, 2007

I drove Dad and Chris to the airport this afternoon for their flight back home. They flew to Birmingham by way of Nashville, where they had to change planes. Then they drove back to Brindlee Mountain. Dad phoned about an hour ago to say that they had arrived safely and had enjoyed their visit. I enjoyed their visit too. We ate well, did some shopping, watched a lot of football, and generally just sat and visited.

We got a big kick out of Chris, who booted up his Dell notebook computer when he arrived, and kept it on the end table by the couch all the time. He was also on the phone all the time. His Momma couldn’t stop calling to see what he was up to. And every five minutes or so he had to step outside to phone Brooke. (Someone would ask “Where’s Chris gone to?” and we would say “Oh, he just stepped out back for a smoke.”)

Last night, after Wendy and I had gone to bed and were trying to fall asleep, I heard shouting and stomping coming from the living room. Five minutes later there was more shouting and stomping, and this time the sound of something being thrown. I said “I’m going to have to go settle that boy down,” but Wendy, half asleep, mumbled “He’s not bothering me.” I got out to the living room just as Chris was throwing his hat again. He was watching the Fiesta Bowl and was getting very upset as Boise State was blowing their lead over Oklahoma. I’m glad I got up because I got to see one of the most exciting ends to a football game I can remember. (Sorry, Broncos, but Flutie-to-Phalen in 1984 to lead Boston College over Miami is still at the top of that list.)

So now my holiday is over and tomorrow I go back to work. This week will be a short week, but after that I don’t get another break until Memorial Day in May. It’s a long haul, but I have a lot of work to do in my new assignment on Orion. Now I’m going to go sit and read the book of Sandburg that Kay gave me for Christmas. I’ve been wanting to dig into it since Christmas day, but haven’t had the chance. It looks like great bedtime reading.

One Response to “Back to work…”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    They made it back, but their luggage decided to take a vacation in Nashville!