A weekend on my hands and knees

January 8th, 2007

I spent this past Saturday and Sunday helping my friend and co-worker Roger install a hardwood floor at his new house. Roger and his wife just bought the house and wanted to install some new flooring before they moved in. It’s not actually hardwood, but something called “engineered” hardwood. It’s a composite product like Pergo, but with a vernier of real hardwood on top. Because Roger is installing over a concrete slab, the only real option is to glue it down. It’s hard work and a mess. The last time I saw the floor, it was covered with glue haze and strips of blue painter’s tape used to keep the joints from pulling apart. I’m sure that by the time they get the floor cleaned up it’s going to be quite beautiful.

We worked about eight hours on Saturday and over nine hours on Sunday. Of course, Roger did most of the work, but I did enough that I’m not only tired, but very sore. I can hardly stand up or sit down — anything that requires leg muscles hurts. But I don’t mind. I now know how to install a glue-down floor, and I was able to help Roger and Wei get their new house ready. The pain just means I helped to accomplish something.

Right now the question foremost in my mind is: Florida’s up by 20 over Ohio State; should I go to bed now or stay up and see the end of the game? I think I will probably go to bed, rest my legs, and hope the Gators won’t blow the second half. (Like they did against AUBURN! HA!)

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