Bubba graduates

February 19th, 2007

Kay just emailed the following classic joke:

Bubba had been going to The University of Alabama for 11 years and just couldn’t graduate. So one day the dean of students calls Bubba in to his office and says “Bubba, we’re going to give you the opportunity to graduate. In a month, at the halftime of the homecoming football game, we are going to bring you out on stage and ask you one question . . . if you get it right, you get your degree, if you get it wrong, you have to go home without it and not come back.”

Bubba agreed to this and ran off to start studying; he studied day and night, night and day for a month, until finally the day came. It was a special day with homecoming and Bubba’s shindig, so the whole stadium was packed with people who had attended and are attending Alabama, thousands and thousands of Alabama students and alumni waited to see how Bubba would do.

The dean stepped up and said, “Bubba are you ready for your question?”, and Bubba said he was.

The dean asked, “Bubba, what is three times three?”

Bubba thought about it for about ten minutes, finally stepped up to the mic and said “9?”

Before the dean could answer, thousands of Alabama students and alumni jumped up and yelled, “GIVE HIM ANOTHER CHANCE!

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