Weekend project

February 25th, 2007

Genna asked me to build her some flower boxes to use beneath her jumps. These boxes won’t ever hold real flowers, just plastic flowers. The boxes are used as shown on this page; they help the horse see the “ground line” and (I suppose) to judge the height of the jump. Genna will paint the boxes and arrange plastic flowers in the holes along the top.

Flower box

This is just the first one. It’s about four feet by six inches by eight inches. It’s made from scrap plywood left over from Rita and is held together with glue, biscuits, and some 16-gauge finishing nails. It’s open on the bottom so dirt will be able to fall out of it. The one Genna has now has somehow filled up with dirt and is so heavy she can barely move it. Assuming this one passes inspection I’m going to build her nine more.

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