Saturday riding

April 2nd, 2007

Some photos from Bryn’s riding lesson a couple of Saturdays back

saturday-riding - 01
Bryn and Laredo (AKA Laredo Potato) ready to ride.


saturday-riding - 02
Bryn trotting Laredo.


saturday-riding - 03
Madison on her horse Patience. Patience is the big mare I’ve been riding in my lessons, ever since Porsche decided she didn’t like me any more. Patience tends to “bend the wrong way” going around turns, which is why she appears to be looking at the camera instead of where she’s going.


saturday-riding - 04
Marissa on Sahn. Sahn is the gelding that Wendy usually rides in her lessons.


saturday-riding - 05
Tater shows off his canter.


saturday-riding - 06
Shelby on Gig ‘Em. Despite the name, he’s a pretty good horse.


saturday-riding - 07
Bryn and Shelby waiting their turn to jump.


saturday-riding - 08
Bryn and Marissa trotting around the cross-country course.


saturday-riding - 09
Bryn takes Laredo over the log.


saturday-riding - 10
Bryn and Laredo showing good form over the barrels.

2 Responses to “Saturday riding”

  1. Kay Says:

    This looks like so much fun.

  2. Ginger Says:

    Jim, I’m having a completely terrible time trying to find a free/cheap video editor that will allow me the much, much sought-after ability to play/render clips of video in reverse. I don’t need any audio, just the video. I have a project in my head that I’ve been trying to render for 7 years without success. I’m writing to you because you’re one of the only video-savvy people I know. Have you ever seen a function like this? Do you mind helping me look? My operating system is WinXP…

    Thanks for any help…