What did YOU do Wednesday evening?

April 14th, 2007

Houston Chronicle “Science Guy” blogger Eric Berger tells the tale of getting to spend some time with the Einstein of our times:

There are times when being a journalist, specifically a science journalist, is truly a magnificent thing. This week was one of them.

A few of you have asked whether I intended to cover Stephen Hawking’s lecture at Texas A&M this Sunday. I already had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Hawking four years ago when he previously visited at the behest of George Mitchell, the local billionaire with an interest in cosmology. (Here’s the story that appeared at the time.) So what to do now?

I was unsure until being offered the night of a lifetime last Wednesday. And here’s how it unfolded.

And don’t miss Eric’s story about Hawking’s visit to Texas in today’s paper, or his story of Hawking’s previous visit.

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