A crazy day at JSC

April 20th, 2007

You have probably heard about the shooting that occurred today in Building 44 at Johnson Space Center. Because I’m a NASA contractor, and I sometimes work at JSC (”on-site” as we say), everybody has been calling to make sure I’m OK. I am.

Some of you have questions about where Building 44 is in relation to where I work, and to JSC landmarks like the visitor’s center. It just so happens that I’ve been playing around with Google’s new mapping feature called My Maps, so I thought I would use it to answer some of your questions, and to chronicle what I saw and heard this afternoon (it wasn’t much). Here is the map.


The HPD spokesman just reported that the gunman took two hostages. He shot and killed one of them and later shot and killed himself. The second hostage escaped, apparently uninjured.

One Response to “A crazy day at JSC”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Good to know that you’re okay!