Happy Mother’s Day

May 13th, 2007

I started off this post with videos of Momma. I later decided I’d rather remember her with just this one photo. It’s my favorite photo of her because it shows her laughing. Laughter is something everyone seems to remember about her. Years ago, Imogene Adams wrote us a nice letter about Mother and said

Your mother’s sense of humor was unsurpassed, and so “matter of fact.” We probably laughed more in the short period of time we lived together than she laughed in the remainder of her life, or than I will laugh in the remainder of my life. In my fondest memories, I see her in those silly, “tickled” moods.

More recently, Myra Chatham Carden wrote to Leigh Ann with some of her memories of Momma, and she also remembered our mother’s laughter.

Maxine was a sweet, bubbly girl and had the most infectious giggle or laugh of anyone. Her laughter just rolled out and I loved to get her tickled to just hear that laugh.

I remember Momma’s laughter too, although it’s a dim memory. I remember when she was together Aunt Nita, they would talk about all sorts of things, none of which I understood except maybe peanut brittle, but I remember how they would laugh.

Love is all around

Here’s one of my favorite memories of Momma…

One night I couldn’t sleep. I guess I was maybe three or four years old, old enough to think I was all grown up, but still small enough to sit on my Momma’s lap. So Momma sat down in her big rocking chair. She put me on her lap and held me to her and sang… probably “You are my sunshine.” Of course, I protested that I was a big boy. I wasn’t a baby anymore and I didn’t need to be rocked to sleep.

And Momma just said, “Why, darlin’, you’ll always be my baby.”

No matter how old or grown up I get, It still makes me feel good to know that my Momma felt that way about me. On days like today it makes me miss her all the more.

One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Leigh Ann Says:

    This is my favorite photo of mother too. It shows her as natural and not posed. As she would have been in real life. I wish I had the memories you do, but I can imagine she talked to me the same way. Thanks for this post.