May 26th, 2007

Wendy came home from the barn this afternoon with the story of a scary close call in the pasture. First I should say that she’s OK.

Let me repeat that: she’s OK.

Bryn was having trouble catching Laredo for her riding lesson, so Wendy gathered up a handful of horse treats and went to help catch him. Out in the pasture she started by giving Sahn a few treats. Sahn’s a big bully and has to be given his tribute before he’ll get out of the way. Then Wendy gave Laredo a couple of treats and started to hook up his halter. Thats when it happened: Sahn, who naturally thought Laredo was eating treats that should have been Sahn’s, bit Laredo on the hindquarters. Laredo bolted, knocking Wendy down and stepping on her at least five times. Wendy lay in the pature for a few minutes, unable to get to her feet, and calling for help, before some of the girls heard her and ran for help.

She’s bruised and contused, stiff and sore, but she doesn’t appear to have any permanent injuries. Summer and Bryn are taking good care of her. I’ve offered her the use of my Vicodin — I just happen to be in possession of a modest supply just now — but for the moment she’s content with Ibuprofin. I bet she changes her mind before bedtime.

So now we’ve got two of our starters on Injured Reserve. But Wendy’s a tough old girl, and she’ll be back in the starting lineup before I will. We thought it was going to be many, many years before we were both invalids and our children would have to take care of us; it’s happened sooner than we thought.

I know that in the future she’ll be more careful catching horses, and I’m going to insist that she keep her cell phone with her at all times. This is the last time I ever want her to come home wearing hoofprints!

4 Responses to “Trampled!”

  1. bryn Says:

    yes mommy is fine and so is daddy no worries i’m taking care of the both of them so don’t think they’re lieing to you -hugscrimpledparents- ilove you

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    Geeze! Maybe you two should stay away from the barn. I’m glad ya’ll have Bryn and Summer taking care of you. You are in good hands. Stepped on by a horse?!?!? That could have been deadly! Falling out of a tree?!?!? That could have been deadly!!! Ya’ll please be careful. You have family that loves you.

  3. Kay Says:

    Wendy, I’m so glad you’re ok. I’m also glad you have such wonderful kids to take care of you!!

  4. Sue Says:

    Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope Wendy is feeling better.