On my own

June 16th, 2007

LaredoI’m on my own this weekend while Wendy, Summer, and Bryn are on the road. Bryn is riding Laredo in the Summer Schooling Horse Trial at Meadow Creek Park near Kosse, Texas. Because Kosse is 4-5 hours away, Genna, Wendy, and the other parents decided to drive up on Friday. Competition begins on Saturday and continues on Sunday, so they were going to have to stay at a hotel anyway.

Wendy and the girls left for DRTA very early Friday morning, spent the morning getting the horses and gear loaded up and ready to go, then they left for Kosse at about 1 PM. After arriving, they got the horses settled into their stalls and then spent some time grooming them for the show, braiding mains and tails, and whatever else it takes to make a horse ready to show.

The plan was for me to work Friday and then drive up to the show Saturday morning, but early this week I changed my mind. Since I’ve had my arm in a sling, I’ve been having back pain any time I have to stand up or sit upright for more than a few minutes at a time. The pain’s mild, but it’s very uncomfortable, and builds over time until I’m miserable and grumpy. Attending a horse show, even if you’re not working, means spending hours on your feet or sitting in lawn chairs, and I just didn’t think it was a good idea to try.

So I’m at home slouched in my chair (which is the most comfortable way to sit, that minimizes the discomfort in my back), and I’m looking after the dogs, cats, bird, fish, and other miscellaneous critters here at Pine Gulch. I’m keeping in touch with the girls via cell phone.

radarBryn rides early this afternoon in her first event, and I’m hoping for the best. Laredo has been very well-behaved in his last two lessons, and was very good at practice yesterday afternoon. If he’s a good boy at the show, he and Bryn should do well. (If the weather holds up, that is. Wendy reports they’ve had rain already this morning, and the forecast calls for rain throughout the area this weekend. It’s also pouring here at Pearland right now.)

Summer has the camera and will take lots of photos. I’ll post a few of the best early next week.

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