Man Has Made His Match… Now It’s His Problem

June 25th, 2007

Twenty-Five Years of Blade Runner…

4 Responses to “Man Has Made His Match… Now It’s His Problem”

  1. Claus Valca Says:

    Nice reminder!

    I saw this in high-school and it made a lasting impact on me. Some of the imagery continues to haunt me in dreams and waking…even to this day. Gotta get this DVD as well.

    I’m also hooked on “The 5th Element” with Bruce W. The Mrs. and I stayed up over the weekend until maybe 1-2am watching it again. Every single time it comes on cable I stop whatever it is I and doing and love it even more…and I am not sure why. Hopefully we can get a DVD of it soon and then I will be even more unproductive!

    Somehow I almost never see Blade Runner on cable. Wonder what the issue is. That might be a worth digging into for a post…hmmm.

  2. Jim Says:

    I saw this in high school too, but it didn’t initially make a huge impression. Over the years, though, as I saw it again and again, it began to creep into my brain and now I guess I’m a fan.

  3. Leigh Ann Says:


  4. Jim Says:

    I think my sister must be a replicant.