Tarzan update

July 27th, 2007

Went to see the doctor today. He said the ligaments in the shoulder are healing well and that it’s about time for the hardware to come out. He also looked at the range of motion I have in the right arm and said that physical therapy will probably not be necessary. (I know, though, that I will need to do stretching exercises and strength exercises on my own.)

So we’re scheduled for surgery in about three weeks. It’ll be somewhat like last time: outpatient surgery with a general anesthesia. However, he only needs a very small incision, just enough to pass the screw head and washer. I didn’t ask, but I expect that they won’t deaden the entire arm like they did before. I don’t expect to miss more than a day of work this time.

I asked the doctor why the screw needs to be removed, because I know that sometimes they leave stuff like that in place. His answer was that the screw has to come out because it’s attached between bones that need to move relative to each other. Too much stress on the joint, like if I were to fall again, or even exert too much force with my right arm, and the screw could cause the bone to break just like a nail can split a piece of wood.

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