Red light cameras coming to Pearland?

July 28th, 2007

While catching up on my post-vacation blogsurfing, I noticed a post on the Chronicle’s Pearland/Friendswood community blog, linking to a story about the status of red-light cameras here in Pearland: Decision still to be made on red-light cameras. The gist of the story is that the city is investigating red-light camera operators in advance of a decision by the city council:

Pearland staff members are determining what companies potentially would be interested in bidding on red-light cameras for the city.

In the next few weeks, the results are expected to be presented to Pearland City Council, Pearland City Manager Bill Eisen said.

. . .

If Pearland decides to move forward, an evaluation would be conducted at each intersection in the city to decide which ones would be the best locations to place the red-light cameras, Eisen said.

With the city of Houston’s latest ten red-light cameras, there are now three cameras that Pearland residents are likely to encounter. In addition to the existing camera at the intersection of El Dorado and the ramp to the I-45 access road are two new cameras: one at the intersection of FM-2351 and I-45, and one at the intersection of the Beltway 8 access road and TX-35. The two I-45 cameras are closer to Friendswood than to Pearland, but Pearland residents en route to Clear Lake might well pass through either of the intersections these cameras monitor.

Other red-light cameras may be coming to the Houston area. The city of Humble, north of Houston, announced (PDF) just this week that it will set up cameras at eight of its intersections.

This report (PDF) issued a year ago by the State of Texas says that Pasadena is considering a red-light camera program, but I can find no other news of red-light cameras at Pasadena.

I plan to update my red-light camera map to include cameras operated by Houston-area municipalities if such cameras are installed.

Update: just found out, via Houstonist, that Sugar Land will be installing four red-light cameras.

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