I’m jealous

July 29th, 2007

Uberblogger and tech guru Claus Valca noted yesterday’s post about the faster Internet we’re getting here at Pine Gulch, and posted his own speed test results. And wow! He’s getting some amazing numbers. Looks like he’s getting a major kick from Comcast’s PowerBoost. Both his download and upload rates are insanely great. (And be sure to look at Claus’s link for “daring stuntman”. You’re a funny guy, Claus. Funny guy!)

Before posting my numbers yesterday, I tried all the regional servers as well as several on the east and west coasts. I got my best numbers from Dallas, although I know that Dwight got better rates when he connected to Oklahoma. I also tried the test again last night, hoping that maybe spare network capacity might kick in during the wee hours, and I would see some good PowerBoost results. No dice. I still get the 6+ megabit rates, but nothing higher.

I’ve looked at my cable modem. It’s a Toshiba PCX1100U, barely a year old. I replaced it last year with a new unit from Time Warner after the Mother’s Day Massacre in which lightning took out half the devices on my home network. From what I can tell, this Toshiba cable modem is DOCSIS 1.1 compatible, which means it should be able to use PowerBoost, but for some reason it’s not. I am investigating.

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