25 Years: Dreaming in the Imperial Bedroom

September 13th, 2007

September 13, 1982:

July 2, 1982:

These were easily the two best albums of 1982. I forgot to blog about Imperial Bedroom back in July, so now seems a fitting time to do so. (Yeah, Jerry, it’s still a better album than The Dreaming.)

One Response to “25 Years: Dreaming in the Imperial Bedroom”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Yes, Imperial Bedroom is the better album. It has definitely aged better than The Dreaming, though The Dreaming is still my favorite Kate Bush album, with Hounds of Love and Aerial right behind.

    BTW, I just finished listening to a series of podcasts from Elvis that covered his first ten years in the music business. One of the interesting things he noted was that at various periods, he was popular in England and not the States, and vice versa. So, Imperial Bedroom was not considered a huge album at the time related to his ebbing and flowing popularity at the time, which is amazing. Imperial Bedroom definitely was a milestone album in my mind, and I think critics and music makers definitely thought it was a reference standard. It was huge in my life soundtrack, and when I hear the music from this album, I’m instantly back in Atlanta, walking down the main pedestrian way at Georgia Tech. This is curious, because though the album came out in 1982, I was living (sic) in Huntsville at the time; it wasn’t until I came to Atlanta in early Spring 1983 that I heard either of these albums. Yet another reason why people should not be exposed to bad radio (Huntsville market). Of course, most radio is bad these days, but a subject for another time… For sure, neither one of these albums gets played in today’s market.