When you get into the end zone, son, act like you’ve been there before

October 15th, 2007

At least 22 arrested after UK’s win

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — Eric Loy wasn’t too upset when flames from a burning couch charred and peeled paint from his 1998 Saturn.

For Loy, it was all part of the celebration of Kentucky’s 43-37 overtime win over top ranked LSU.

“If we had lost, I might be more upset,” he said at the sight. “But it was a piece of junk anyway.”

The fire was part of mayhem that ensued after the Wildcats stopped the Tigers in the third overtime. In the parties that ensued, University of Kentucky and State Police arrested at least 22 people on a variety of charges.

The number of arrests was comparable to those after the Louisville game, though the number of illegal trespassing charges were higher, said Jay Blanton, a university spokesman.

Couches were found ablaze near the heart of off-campus student housing as parties raged until 3 a.m., with bonfires in driveways and Lexington police monitoring the city by helicopter.

This makes it official: Lexington is the new Morgantown.

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