You see what we have to put up with every day of our lives?

June 6th, 2008

As many of you probably know, Summer got her driver’s license last week. We’ve been letting her run errands for us around town, gradually letting her drive further from home as we get more comfortable with her ability to get out and back safely. Tonight we let her drive Bryn to her Friday riding lesson while Wendy and I went to the grocery store. Summer had instructions to phone her mother when they arrived. The conversation went something like this:

Summer: We’re here.

Wendy: Did anything happen?

Summer: Yes! When we stopped at Valero to get our drinks, Bryn was mauled by a polar bear! And then a cloud of black smoke carried her off!

The kid’s a riot.

Summer and her mom have been doing some car-hunting. Tomorrow Summer and I are going to test drive some of the cars they have been looking at. Send Valium. Please.

2 Responses to “You see what we have to put up with every day of our lives?”

  1. Kay Says:

    Don’t forget to call your local State Farm agent to get a quote before buying a car! Just a tip from your little sister.

  2. Leigh Ann Says:

    She is a riot! She’s a LOT of fun!