Another baby dove update

May 11th, 2009
New Configuration

The chicks have grown so large that Momma Dove isn’t trying to sit on them any more. Today I found them all sitting nose-to-nose. At the rate these chicks are growing, in two weeks they will be the size of Houston.

So Ugly They're Cute

I was very close, and the click of my shutter scared away Momma Dove (sorry, Momma), but that gave me the chance to step even closer to get this photo.

Where the Nest Is

For context, here’s the hose reel where the nest is built. It’s behind some bushes, but right at the front corner by the driveway (that’s the headlamp on my Mustang you can see through a gap in the leaves).

2 Responses to “Another baby dove update”

  1. Your Favorite Sister Says:

    Too cool! I found a baby bird that had lost it’s mom…. I tried to feed it and it survived a few days. I learned one critical lesson: when feeding worms to a baby bird, never feed them worms right out of the refrigerator!!!

  2. Jim Says:

    Fortunately, Momma Dove is still doing the feeding. We once kept a pair of bluejay chicks alive for a while before we handed them off to a wildlife rescue expert.