Five rule changes to improve sport in America

April 6th, 2010

1. Ban the DH in major and minor league baseball. Don’t give me excuses – real pitchers hit for themselves.

2. Ditch the possession arrow in NCAA basketball and bring back the jump ball.

3. Learn something from hockey and add the penalty box to college and NFL football. If you commit a penalty you sit out one, two, or three snaps – depending on severity – and your team plays shorthanded.

4. Take away the home-run line, ground-rule doubles, and the like in baseball. If the outfielder can get to the ball, then it’s still in play. That includes going up into the stands to take the ball away from fans. If the ball hits the foul pole, but the outfielder can still catch it, it’s an out!

5. Ban cheerleaders, dance teams, costumed mascots, and all that fluff (does anybody really miss Chief Noc-a-Homa?) Bands, however, should be required; NFL teams should have marching bands and NBA teams should have pep bands. And no piped-in music. If you can’t hear your band, get a bigger band.

One Response to “Five rule changes to improve sport in America”

  1. Shawn K. Quinn Says:

    The only one I really strongly agree with here is 3. For 2, I can either take it or leave it, and back when I followed baseball (pre-Mitchell report) I would have disagreed with 1 and 4 but now I really don’t care that much since I don’t really follow the game.

    I don’t know what you were thinking with the first part of 5. The NBA in particular needs cheerleaders to make it more interesting to watch, especially in the stadium.