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Three More From the Archive

Saturday, June 11th, 2005

Sue’s a little blurry, but otherwise these are decent photos.


Leigh Ann



Saturday, June 11th, 2005

January, 2002

Photo From the Archives

Thursday, June 9th, 2005

The sun set over the Pacific Ocean as an evening fog rolled in. Taken from a San Francisco-area seaside hill with my trusty old Pentax K1000 about sixteen years ago.

That was my first trip to California, in June of 1988 or 1989. I went with Andy Mager to attend Xhibition – a conference for X [...]


Sunday, May 22nd, 2005

The last couple of nights we’ve noticed bats flying around the house in the late twilight and early evening. At first it appeared to be just one bat, flying circles around the house, but later I saw two of them at once. These two spent about half an hour circling the house, not cruising but [...]

Houston Highland Games

Saturday, May 14th, 2005

Wendy and Summer went to the Houston Highland Games up in town today. They took Hubble and Major with them; they handed out brochures at the Houston Sheltie Sanctuary table and visited with the other Sheltie and Collie rescue volunteers.

Backfill: Odds and Ends

Thursday, May 12th, 2005

Next-Door Water Park

Saturday, May 7th, 2005

Today Bryn and her friend Taylor got invited next door to play on the waterslide with young Adam and Lucas.

The Week in Photos

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005

Photos from the last week of April 2005. Bobby and Marcia visited, Star spent her last days with us, and we enjoyed some beautiful weather.