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Granny Granny
Born 1904
Married 1925 to Edd Calvert
Died 1997

Oral History

These interviews were recorded with Granny at her house in Cullman, Alabama, with an inexpensive tape recorder and a single lapel microphone. Granny wore the microphone, so her voice is clearer and louder than the interviewers.

Interview 1

By Jim Thompson, recorded September 12, 1993. This interview dealt mainly with Granny’s childhood and upbringing. Running time: 47:51.

Interview 2

By Sue Trimble, recorded in 1994. This interview dealt mainly with Granddaddy and their life together. Running time: 49:11.


Photos of Granny at Flickr:


This short video montage was compiled from 8mm film and, except for some insignificant scraps left on the editing-room floor, includes every clip we have of Granny. We also have some VHS video footage of Granny, and hope to post it soon. Until then, enjoy the 8mm: