Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue is an elegant if slightly formal theme in shades of blue and gray. Its header image uses an ancient photo of my desk and computer, tortured extensively in PhotoShop until it looked suitable for a web header.


You can download the theme here:

The download is large because I’ve include the two PhotoShop files used to generate the header image. With the PhotoShop images, users can change the text in the header graphic from ‘jimthompson.org’ to ‘www.yoursite.com’.


To customize the header graphic for another site, you will have to edit both the PhotoShop files. First, open rhapsody-banner.psd. Change the text layer to the name of your site. Save. This is the banner image; it will be pasted into the header image, where it will be blended into the background color. Select All and Copy Merged.

Next, open rhapsody-header.psd. Delete the layer named ‘banner’ and Paste in the new banner image; name the new layer ‘banner’. Use the Move tool to grab the banner layer and align it with the left side of the image. Add Layer Mask with type Reveal All. Select the Gradient tool and add a gradient to the mask that will blend the header image into the background. Click just inside the right edge of the banner layer and drag about 20% of the way to the left, then release. Save.

Finally, save the header image as a JPEG image named header.jpg. This file will have to be uploaded to your hosting site and placed in the ‘images’ directory within the rhapsody-in-blue theme directory.